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I’ve had a few jobs in my life.  Baby-Sitter.  Lifeguard.  Student Caller for my college Endowment Association.  Manager.  Event Planner.  Fundraiser.  All jobs I’ve learned something from that I’ve carried with me through the years.

I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas.  I got my permit to drive when I was 15.  I baby-sat for a family over the summer and I learned that I did not have the first clue on how to install car seats to take the kids to the pool.  One look in the rear view mirror of my car to see the little girl sideways showed me that.  Life lesson?  Don’t let a 15 year old drive with your kids.  Ever.  Lesson learned.

I was also a lifeguard.  Sunscreen people.  Every. Single. Day.  Lesson learned.

I graduated from the University of Kansas and am an AVID Jayhawk fan.  Crazy Jayhawk fan.  Can’t get enough.  So, when I saw an ad to be a student caller for the Endowment Association I knew I’d be great at it and I was.  Talking to people about supporting KU was easy.  Ask them about their favorite memory.  Their favorite teacher.  Favorite bar.  Favorite spot on campus.  If you can find one thing you have in common with someone (even if it’s a stranger), talk about it.  Ask questions.  Get them to open up.  Lesson learned.

If you have a job, you have a boss.

Unless you are the boss and then YAY for you!!

For me, these are must-have qualities for leaders:

Leaders should inspire.  Should motivate.

Leaders should surround themselves with like-minded people.  But, not so like-minded that they won’t be challenged on occasion.

Leaders should trust that those they’ve hired will do a good job.

Leaders should encourage creative thinking.

Leaders should have a sense of humor.

Leaders should be open to new ideas.

Leaders should be able to work with a team.

Leaders shouldn’t feel threatened when someone has a better idea.

Leaders should be compassionate.

What must-have qualities do you look for in a leader?

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