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I’m preparing for my second half-marathon.  I use the word preparing because I haven’t been following the training schedule at all.  Well, except for the long runs.

I have been struggling – mostly mentally – these last few weeks.  I’m tired.  I’m finding it harder and harder to run during the week.  I’m coming up with excuses why I can’t run.  Sometimes I even feel sorry for myself.


I finished 9 miles last weekend and after I showered and started folding a load of laundry, I felt really good.  I always do after a good run.  I began to ask myself, why am I running?  Why a half-marathon?  The list of reasons came pouring out of me.

I run because:

I can.

it keeps me healthy.

it keeps the weight off.

it’s a good thing for my kids to see me active.

it makes me feel good about myself.

it keeps my head clear.

it makes me feel strong.

because other people who would like to run can’t.

I’ve been running for about 2 years now.  It’s the one thing I know will bring me out of my funk on an off day.

Me? Negative thoughts?  Not as long as I’m still lacing up my shoes.


In case you’re new here, so am I.  I’ve only been blogging for….1 1/2 months.

I’ve been on Facebook for almost 2 years.

My first tweet was to @riasharon on September 3, 2010.  “Great Day! : )  I’ve arrived! : ).

I need to tell you something, more like confess…





Is that weird?  Is it wrong?  I’m feeling like the kid who gets picked last for kickball.  Or sitting behind the fence watching everyone else play, wishing I could play too, but not feeling ready.  I watch or listen to people I admire carrying on full fledged conversations and can’t wait for the day that it’s me having the conversation.

I know it takes time, I know it takes a lot of time.  I know I need to be patient, and I will.  I know that I need to keep reaching out, asking questions, reading, learning, writing, just to name a few.  Oh, and I need to…just keep tweeting, just keep tweeting, just keep tweeting.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while now.

Today’s the day.

Today’s the day I jump, no wait leap, into something that doesn’t come naturally for me.  Writing.  In fact, I’ve started, deleted and restarted this post about three times now.

So, who am I?  I usually identify myself first as a mom of 2 adorable children.  I’m married.  I work full-time.  I’ve been doing the same job for 10 years.  Yep.  10 years.

Why blog now?  See above.  10 years.  I need a new challenge.  Ten years are a long time!  I have a gift for working with, understanding, listening and helping people.  I want to expand on that gift and see where I can fit in this world of social media and blogging.

Recently, I finished two books – UnMarketing by Scott Stratten and Open Community by Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer.  Have you ever read a book and knew that it was written for you?   Both of these books gave me that last push of confidence and courage to start my own blog.  I dream of being able to write as well as they do.  To them, I say thanks.

I think as time goes on, I will become more focused in my writing.  Until then, I hope you will join me on my journey of finding my voice.  (Just be patient if that voice is all over the place for a while!)

Good night!!

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