Why do we try and predict outcomes?

When will we realize that we don’t actually have control over how someone will react? Or how a situation plays out?

When will we realize that the only person who we have control over is ourselves.

I was just reminded of this today.

I had absolutely no say in the decision.   No control of the decision process.  Yet, I had everything planned out in my head on how it was supposed to happen.  Guess what?

I was wrong.

Why did we do that?  Why do we believe that we have control over a situation we have absolutely no say in? Why do we think, or assume, that the other person will see it our way?  I go so far as to think – how could they not see it my way?

I was reminded today that I do not in fact have some magical power over every person I come in contact with to see things my way.  And, that’s okay because it also reminded me to keep myself and my emotions in check.  (Still working on the emotion one.)  What happened today is all part of my journey and life doesn’t stop because I didn’t get my way.

Life goes on – maybe not how I imagined it would – but, life does go on.

Now about those magical powers….:)

Dirt Road Home - Sean Cupp