I blogged recently about Generosity Day created by Sasha Dicter.  You can read that post here:  https://jamiddix.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/generosity-day-2012/.

It’s been a challenging almost 3 months since I quit my full time job.  The plan was to take the kiddos to school, come home and get a quick run in, shower and sit down to do some work.  Doesn’t that sound like an awesome plan?  I thought so.  Until I realized that I can’t focus at home.  I look around and there are toys to be picked up, laundry to be done, kitchen to be cleaned and that stuff is way easier to do without children at home.  I’ve been struggling with what it means to feel valued.  Feeling valued at home is much different than feeling valued at work.  For some reason, cleaning toilets and changing dirty diapers just doesn’t give me nearly as much satisfaction as hitting all my fundraising goals did at my old job.

I’m over the whole “working from home” piece.  In order for me to be productive and feel like a functioning member of society, I need to be in a space with my colleague doing work.  And, that’s exactly what I did today.  It’s amazing the amount of work you can get down when you’re focused.

And, when the Christmas music is playing.   Yes, it’s August.  Don’t judge.

And, when I’m sipping on my coffee.

Yes, all was right in my world today and it wasn’t until my drive home that I figured out why Generosity Day is so important to me.  Other than the obvious, touchy-feely,  it’s just the right thing to do reasons, just thinking about spreading the word and rallying a group of people in the city of St. Louis makes me genuinely happy.  But, it’s more than just the warm-fuzzies.   I was feeling really grateful for my life and the work I’m doing and I just want to be able to pass that happy on to someone else and not just on February 14, 2012, but every day.  It seems to me that being generous is easy to do when you’re feeling really grateful for your life.

Today, I was feeling very grateful.

If you’re feeling grateful, pass it on.  It will make someone’s day.

Including yours.

Trust me.