My little girl started 2nd grade today.  She was a little nervous, I was a lot nervous, but the morning went off without a tear from either of us!  You know, I think grown-ups forget all to quickly how hard it is to be a kid.  I am so proud of how brave she has been through school transition this year.  We took her out of private school (where I also happened to work) and enrolled her in the public elementary school up the street.

It’s her first time in a public school (her dad and I both went to public) and I won’t lie – I was scared.  We were leaving a private school, I used to call it my “happy little bubble”, a place where she went to work with me every single day for four years.  If she got sick, she came to my office.  If she needed a hug, she came to my office.  I was never far away.  But, as I’ve blogged about before – things changed.  The happy bubble became less happy and I needed to move on.

Last Friday was the meet and greet at school.  It was a time to bring all your school supplies up, see where your desk is, say hi to your teacher.  Jordan was nervous.  She had a lot of questions about riding the bus.  We got to school and I could immediately tell that this was going to be an awesome school year.  The building was buzzing with energy.  The teachers were excited to see the kids.  The kids were excited to see the teachers.  Genuinely excited.  You could feel it.

So, today was the day.  Our first morning at our new school.  Here are some photos before the bus arrived:

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