Day 22 of #Trust30 – Enthusiasm by Mars Dorian

Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” is a great line from Emerson. If there’s no enthusiasm in what you do, it won’t be remarkable and certainly won’t connect with people on an emotional basis. But, if you put that magic energy into all of your work, you can create something that touches people on a deeper level. How can you bring MORE enthusiasm into your work? What do you have to think or believe about your work to be totally excited about it? Answer it now.

(Author: Mars Dorian)

This could not have been more appropriate for me today.

I just resigned from a job that I held for 11 years.

Eleven years I poured my heart and my soul into doing good work.

Somewhere along the line it stopped being fun.  Somewhere along the line I realized that there would be no growth for me.  Somewhere along the line I realized I was being required to ask permission for every detail.

One day, I realized that this was just a job.

I pulled into the parking lot every day.  Pictured myself putting my heart in the passenger seat and going in to do the job.  It was easier to do that then to admit that a place I once loved, believed in and deeply cared for wasn’t at all that place anymore.  I’ve grieved.  I’ve been angry.  And while June 3rd was my last day, today I had to tell them that I no longer could be called on.

I think this is what a divorce feels like.

I work with my entire being.  You don’t just get my skills.  You get my skills, experiences and most importantly, you get my heart.

Employees, especially good employees, want to be respected.  To be trusted.  To be believed in.  When those are all taken away and you get an place holder.  You get someone who goes to meetings, listens to what is said and does the what they’re told.  No questions asked.

Take away respect, trust and belief and you also won’t get creativity, new ideas or spirit.

For me to have more enthusiasm about my work, I need room for creativity.  I need for those around me to be open to new ideas.  And, most importantly, I need to know the work that I am doing is appreciated and makes a difference.  It’s always more than just a job for me.