Day 14 of #Trust30 – Alternative Paths by Jonathan Fields

When good is near you, when you have life in yourself, it is not by any known or accustomed way; you shall not discern the foot-prints of any other; you shall not see the face of man; you shall not hear any name; the way, the thought, the good, shall be wholly strange and new. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world buzzes about goals and visions. Focus. Create a vivid picture of exactly where you want to go. Dream big, then don’t let anything or anyone stop you. The problem, as Daniel Gilbert wrote in Stumbling Upon Happiness, is that we’re horrible at forecasting how we’ll really feel 10 or 20 years from now – once we’ve gotten what we dreamed of. Often, we get there only to say, “That’s not what I thought it would be,” and ask, “What now?” Ambition is good. Blind ambition is not. It blocks out not only distraction, but the many opportunities that might take you off course but that may also lead you in a new direction. Consistent daily action is only a virtue when bundled with a willingness to remain open to the unknown. In this exercise, look at your current quest and ask, “What alternative opportunities, interpretations and paths am I not seeing?” They’re always there, but you’ve got to choose to see them.

(Author: Jonathan Fields)

Lately, it seems like I am living my entire life in the abstract.  I have a very general sense about what I want to be doing, but how I’m going to get there is even more abstract.  Honestly?  I’m okay with that.

I want to help organizations think differently about the way they’re doing things.  I want to help them realize having the right people around the table should be the highest priority.  I realize that sometimes the best people aren’t around the table and when that happens, I want to help organizations figure out a way to make it work through coaching or facilitation.  I want to help connect people who need help with people who can help them.  I want to continue learning about social media and how to use it to better your organization.

How am I going to do this?  I’m working on a plan – developing relationships, networking, website, calendar, just to name a few.   But, more important than the plan to me though is the absolute belief in myself.  I believe that somehow, someway I am going to do this.  I believe that if you surround yourself with hardworking, thoughtful and dedicated people that not only will the work get done, we will all be better people because of it.

So, what alternative paths am I not seeing?  If it makes any sense, I’m not sure I can even see the road clearly that I am on.  I refuse to ever do my work or live my life with absolutes.  If you have a better way of doing something or a different idea about something – I want to hear it.  I am by no means an expert on anything and will never pretend to be.  Life is to short and moves to fast for us to get caught up in anything absolute.