It feels like we’re in the middle of summer in St. Louis.  That can only mean one thing.

Ice Cream.

Something happens once the temperature gets warmer.  I need it.  I crave it. I lose all self-control.  My husband and I take turns on getting it.  Sometimes, okay most times, one of us sneaks out after the kids go to bed.

Back in my huskier days, I would get a small Butterfinger Blizzard with extra Butterfinger.  That’s right.  Extra.

Once I started losing weight and exercising, I held off on the extra Butterfinger and would only eat half.  Less guilt.

And, then Dairy Queen outdid themselves by introducing the mini-blizzard.  It’s the perfect size. Now my challenge is talking myself out of going literally every single night.

Since I completed my first half marathon back in April, my running has slowed down to once a week and if I were completely honest with myself, once or twice a month.  But, I’ve kept my eating in check.  I haven’t gained anything, though after today I could very well be writing a post called “How to Gain 5 lbs. in JUST ONE DAY!”.

I’ve been sick this week, so last night the hubby went out and got me some ice cream.  As usual, it was delicious.

Today, the hubby is at a happy hour with his co-workers, so I picked up the kids, took them to dinner and went grocery shopping.  They wanted DQ.  How could I say no?  So, off we went again.  I had dinner AND a mini-blizzard.

Somebody stop me.

Damn you DQ for being so good.