I know I’m no alone.

How many of you out there have extra little bodies in your bed most nights?

I do.

Sometimes we have snuggle nights.

They get super excited for snuggle nights – can you tell?

Other nights we have sleepless nights.

Last night, Jordan snuck in at some point, I didn’t even feel her come in.  Not long after that, I heard Joey yell through the monitor, “Dad! Daaaady!!!”

And, before you know it, there are four people in our king size bed.

Lots of kicking, lots of crawling over each other, whispers of, “Mom, can I have some toast?”.  Um, no son…it’s 2:30 a.m.

The alarm went off this morning at 5:45 a.m.  Way to early.

I was tired, cranky and not ready for the day.

Until I got this message from his babysitter:

Joey -“Jess I build a tower for my mommy.”
Me- “Joey I love it”
Joey- “Jess you take a picture and sent it to my mommy?”
Me- “ok”

Yawn!  (Who cares about being tired when you get messages like that!!)