I wonder when the meaning of Easter for me went from attending church on

Holy Thursday,

Good Friday,

Holy Saturday and

Easter Sunday to

chocolate bunnies,

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs,

and pastel covered M&M’s.

Much to my mother’s disappointment, I’m not much of a church goer anymore.

Wait, let me clarify, not much of a Catholic church goer anymore.

Because if you ain’t Catholic, you ain’t right.  (OK, my mom has never said that in her life, but its more fun to think about her delivering the message that way.)

Last time she visited she said “so, you really just don’t like Catholics do you?”


I went to church literally every weekend growing up.  I believe.  I do.

It is important for me to raise my kids with some religious foundation.  Its something I think about often, but am finding hard to put into practice.  I struggle with (because of my history) taking them every single week somewhere for church to talking to them at home about a higher being in a more general sense and hoping that it will provide them with enough foundation for them to make their own choice when they get older.

Tonight though, and the inspiration of this post, my 2-year old picked out Noah’s Ark for one of his books.  Jordan started reading it and when it said “God, told Noah he was going to make a flood to rid the world of its evilness.”   She said, “That seems kind of cruel.  Why would God do that to people?”  Her question caught me off guard, so I just said that he was doing it to rid the world of evil.  And she pushed, “But, what if we were there? What if the flood killed good people?”

I don’t know.

I wonder that same thing almost every day.

So, Sunday while my kids are hunting for their eggs, stuffing their bellies with M&Ms and other chocolate goodies, I’m going to look up and thank God their mine.  Because he blessed me with 2 amazing kids.

And, that’s what its all about.