That's Me On The Left!


13.1 miles

2 hours 29 minutes 51 seconds.

April 10, 2011

I used to look at those 13.1 stickers on cars with astonishment.  How could you ever run 13.1 miles at one time?  Without stopping?

I’ll never wonder again.

My first half marathon represents so much more than just a race.

13.1 represents a crowning achievement on my weight loss journey.  It began 2 years after I had my 2nd child.  I stepped on the scale one morning and was none to happy about the number that was staring back at me.  I wasn’t really surprised, I knew what I had been eating (everything).  So, I started walking on a track during my lunch break.  14 times around equaled 2 miles.  Every single day. I incorporated jogging.  I started doing some 5K races.  I changed my diet.  I never completely cut out anything from my diet, I simply ate the serving size.  I lost 30 pounds.

13.1 represents 2 years of finding balance.  Balance between 2 kids, my husband, work, friends and downtime.

13.1 represents strength.  So many days I didn’t feel like doing anything and many days I didn’t.  I didn’t get down on myself.  I did my best with the time I had available.

13.1 represents dedication to myself.  I wasn’t doing this to prove anything to anyone.  I did it for me.  For once, just me.

13.1 also represents heart.  The best part of my 13.1 was coming home and having my daughter ask if she could be in the next race with me.  We’re set to do a 2-mile run on May 1st.  I can’t wait.

To everyone out there reading, if your goal is to lose weight – start small.  Don’t do it for anyone – do it for YOU.  There isn’t a magic diet or a magic pill to lose weight.  Don’t ever tell yourself that you can’t have dessert.  Live your life, just live it responsibly.  Be healthy.  Be realistic with your goals.  Do what you can do.  Don’t get down on yourself.  Be an example for your kids.

13.1 represents pride.