I was recently asked the question – What is it you want to do?

I have asked myself that question so many times in the past 6 months I can hardly see straight.

People keep telling me that I need to find a focus or have a vision.  Lately, I just feel like I’m walking around without my contacts in lately.  That’s bad.  Seriously, you should see how blind I am.

I feel like in order to find a focus or vision that I need to pick that one thing I want to do.

The problem with that is, I’m passionate about many, many things, mainly helping people.  So, my question is in a world filled with so much hurt, how do I decide who is the most worthy of my time?

Our public schools (in St. Louis) are failing.  In fact, I believe that our entire education system overall needs some new leadership.

There are still major social inequities.

People are still treated differently because of the color of their skin.

Cancer is still killing.

Drunks are still driving.

When I look at that list it leaves me, well, um…depressed.

I also feel fairly unfocused when it comes to my calling.  Maybe I’m not supposed to take up a cause.  Maybe I’m supposed to help make the cause or the company better.  I know my strengths are working with people, recruiting volunteers, making them feel good about their work.  I pretty much do what I can do keep people (client) happy.  They’re happy.  I’m happy.

That’s one thing I’m 20/20 about.