Fear is paralyzing.

Fear prevents you from trying new things.

Fear keeps you from speaking up.

Fear keeps you from being true to yourself.

Fear?  Screw you.

Fear has prevented me from doing all of those things.  I have been scared to make decisions for fear that I would disappoint someone.  Scared of the responsibility that comes with those decisions.  Fear has caused me to have so little faith in myself.  Why couldn’t I believe everyone around me who told me how great I did or how awesome that event was.  It was a constant internal struggle.

No more.

I’ve realized that my lack of confidence in making decisions was causing me to drift further and further from the person that I know I am.  The person that I want to be.  The person that I need to be.

There isn’t room in my life for fear.  If I want to inspire people to do big things or to have the confidence to make a difference or  to help solve problems – there is no room for fear.

So, what do you fear?  What’s holding you back?

Whatever it is, either slowly start pushing your fear aside or do what I did…make your mind up and just say:

Screw Fear.