I recently read a post by Scott Ginsberg called “How to Walk Away.”  If  you are struggling with that very decision, either personal or professional, I encourage you to read it.  Please click here.

Scott encourages you to watch out for the warning signs.  He says that people walk away for two reasons, “either because its hard, or because it’s right” and than gives you a list of warning signs to watch for.  One that he doesn’t list, but that has become a sign for me is:  If you’re the only one that can muster any positive energy in your office, it’s time to walk away.

I’ve thought about walking away for a while.  I could give you a list of reasons why I haven’t starting with:  it’s hard.  Really hard.  But the person I’ve become, or the person I can be, is not someone I even like.  I could use the space to tell you all the insanely stupid things that have happened, but anybody can do that.  I don’t want to be that person.  Sure, I still need to vent occasionally, but it feels so much better to keep my chin up, get the work done, and when the time is right – walk away.  I also learned from reading this that while you’re leaving something by walking away, you’re gaining something back in self-respect.  To the end, I decided to write a pledge to myself.

I pledge….

to have respect for myself by speaking up when I have an opinion.

to help find solutions for problems rather then just pointing them out.

to always give it my all.

to be a good listener and open to criticism, even when its hard to hear.

to not be afraid of change or willing to change.

to trust that those who are around me will always do their best.

to walk away from the people who don’t.

to take time for myself and not feel guilty about it.

to trust my gut.  Its usually right.

to be patient.  Remember, things take time.  Do it right.

to own up to mistakes.

to not be afraid to fail.

to laugh every day.

Are you contemplating walking away?  What’s holding you back?  Have you made a personal pledge?