I just got back from my daughter’s soccer game.  It was hard fought.  We didn’t bring home the win, but I don’t think there is anything cuter than a bunch of 6-year old kids playing soccer.

I’m grateful for lots of things in my life, but tonight I just feel lucky.  Lucky that I got to sit by one of my favorite parents.  See, the thing is, she’s not just a cool mom I like to hang out with, no, it’s more than that.  I know I could learn so much from her.

She’s smart.

She’s quick.

She’s easy to talk to.

She’s doing what she wants to be doing.

She’s great at it.

She’s got a heart of gold.

She’s a great mom.  (Trust me, she’s got some of the friendliest and kindest kids.)

We were talking about jobs and happiness and what she’s working on and she gave me the greatest advice.

I have a hard time focusing on the ‘what’ I want to do.  People ask me, I can’t really give them a clear and concise answer.  Instead of focusing on that answer, she told me to start focusing on, and more importantly writing down, what a perfect day would look like for me.

My perfect day would look something like this:

1.Take the kiddos to school/daycare.

2.Go for a run.

3.Meet with a client (I’m picturing small business or non-profit organization) to talk about how to engage more with customers or donors/potential donors using social media as a tool.

4.Work. Hard.

5. Meet back in the middle with the family, have dinner together…

Yeah, making that list just made me realize something.  I’m not asking for much.  This is a completely attainable list.  I will get there.  I truly believe that once you start saying things out loud, somehow, somewhere, someway things will start to happen.  Telling someone your dream makes you stay on track.  Makes you believe that you can (and will!) make it.

Thanks friend, for good conversation, for the advice and for helping me stay focused.  You rock.