Like billions of others, I love Starbucks.  I love the smell, I love the atmosphere, I love the familiarity.  I know where all the drive-thru’s are in my area.  I sometimes plan my afternoon around my coffee break.  I know which stores fix my drink the fastest.  So, when Starbucks announced that it was revealing a new logo, my first thought was…cool.  Honestly, for me, there isn’t much Starbucks could do that would make me hate them.

Twitter was all abuzz yesterday with the announcement.  Companies were  blogging.  Everyone asking the same question – what do you think?  I wonder if the branding folks at Starbucks were waiting in anticipation to see of there would be another “Gap incident”.  I mean, honestly, who approved this?

I’m no ad genius, but seriously?  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when someone walked into the boss’s office and said, “about the new look…”.  What went from a recognized, well-established brand went to, what looked like to me, a logo for a really lame technology company.

I wonder what it says about us as humans that we care so much about brands and logos.  I mean, who really cares what Gap’s logo looks like?  As long as the product is the same, does it matter?  Apparently, yes.  So, why was there an uproar over the Gap and not Starbucks?  (I mean, other than the hideousness of the new logo.  Am I missing something?)

For me, Starbucks isn’t about a logo.  It’s an experience.  It’s a safe familiarity.  It’s an aroma.  It’s meeting your best friend to solve the world’s problems.  It’s sharing a cup of hot chocolate with your kiddos at the bookstore.  It’s keeping your hands warm at a cold soccer game.  For me, Starbucks can do no wrong.  Not even with a new logo.